Board Members

Azman Abu


So … just how did it all start? Quite honestly, I’m not sure but I’d guess I’ve been camping, riding and rallying within the club scenes for 8 years or more and for the most part have loved every minute of it, (and made more friends around the world than many make in a lifetime), but the last few years have seen changes in attitudes to the way our clubs are run. It has seemed to me that many clubs are allowing themselves to become bogged down by formalities, with priorities changing from that of running a club for the benefit of the members, to one of trying to run a profit-making business where the members are no longer important.

Like many, for some time I accepted that this was just the ever-changing face of club life due to changes in membership and that these changes were inevitable, but gradually I began to notice more and more friends, customers and folk from other clubs echoing my thoughts. I guess the final catalyst was a handful of individuals, over a period of time, suggesting that maybe I should start a club that would remain true to what a club should be – run by its members and for its members with the old-fashioned ideals where money is a tool and not the aim.

 The next stage of planning was to weigh up the practicalities of beginning such a venture and decide whether it was possible to achieve what I was considering while, of course, seeing if there was both a need and sufficient folk out there who weren’t being catered for in other clubs. My logic said that I had the web presence already in place to advertise things and if we based much of the new club activities around the forum that already existed, plus a new web site, then we had a chance – I guess only time will tell if I was right.

An approach to the Team of my committee received a very positive response from most, although some decided that they had too many other commitments elsewhere to contribute at this stage, but still we had the makings of a team to begin the discussions leading to what you now see before you. The team have worked their socks off to put all of this together in the time they have and they deserve our thanks for that – I’m sure we’ll have made a few mistakes here and there but most should be easily rectified in due course, so please have a little patience with us for a while.

We have tried to create the club that we think you will want, but it is in its infancy and will be shaped and formed in the ways that you, the members, wish it to be. I suspect there will be lots of changes to many things over the next few years but, as we are starting with a blank sheet, we have a rare opportunity to create a modern, forward-thinking club whilst specifically aiming to keep the club attitudes that have slipped almost unnoticed from many other clubs.
In the early days the live of the club depend on quantity of activities will be down to you, so please try and play a part by putting an effort to it. Over to you guys!

Meet Our Board Members

Our club is led by a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about motorcycles and committed to upholding our club's values and mission.

Dato Hamzah

Vice President

The Vice President supports the President in all aspects of leading the club. They also act as a liaison between the President and other members of the club, and take on additional responsibilities as needed.

Badrul Hisyam


Our Secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of club meetings and activities, as well as managing club correspondence. They also work closely with the President and other board members to ensure that all club activities and events run smoothly.

Normila Baharudin


The Treasurer manages the club’s finances, ensuring that all income and expenses are properly recorded and managed. They work closely with the President and other board members to create and manage the club’s budget, and provide financial reports to the club as needed.

Suhaimi Syiful

Assistant Secretary

Rosman Samian

Assistant Treasurer

Ar Hj
Mohd Rosehan Anwar

Media & Communication

Mohammad Safuan

Central Region Representative

Representative of Central region -Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya & N.Sembilan..

Syed Mazlysham

Central Region Representative

Representative of Central region – Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya & N.Sembilan..

Mohamed Fauzan

Central Region Representative

Representative of Central region -Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya & N.Sembilan.

Mohamad Azam

Northern Region Representative

Representative of Northern region – Perak, Perlis, Kedah & Pulau Pinang.

Sulaiman Hj Elias

Southern Region Representative

Representative of Southern region – Johor & Melaka.


Eastern Region Representative

Representative of Eastern region – Pahang, Terengganu & Kelantan.

Mohamed Nasir

Borneo Region Representative

Representative of Borneo region – Labuan, Sabah & Sarawak.

Abdul Azis Mainol @ Wahed Mainol

Sarawak Region Representative

Representative of Sarawak region

Abdul Azis Mainol @ Wahed Mainol

Sarawak Region Representative

Representative of Sarawak region

We are proud to have such a dedicated and passionate group of individuals leading our motorcycle club. Each member of our board brings unique skills and experience to the table, and we work together to ensure that our club remains a welcoming and inclusive community for all motorcycle enthusiasts.